The Smart Lockbox

That Works Offline

igloohome Smart Keybox. 
Designed for short-term rental hosts, & home or property owners. 


Your 24/7 reception.

Let visitors into your property any time of the day, even when you’re miles away. Check guests in without lifting a finger. 

Simply store your keys or keycards in the igloohome Smart Keybox, and let visitors retrieve them with a unique PIN code or bluetooth key. It’s hosting made convenient. 


PIN code access

Create a PIN code wherever you are and send it over to your guest. Your guest then uses the PIN code on the Keybox to unlock it. The PIN code expires after a set duration, so you won't have to fret over unwanted access to your property in the future. 

For Airbnb hosts - igloohome integrates with your Airbnb calendar, so PIN codes are automatically generated to tie in with guest stays (fees may apply). 


No internet needed

Using our advanced technology, the igloohome Keybox does not require internet. This means no worries about connectivity or Wifi hacking. It's the convenience of remote management, without the fuss. 

Bluetooth is an alternative way to open the Keybox - simply use your smartphone within range to unlock it. This is entirely optional. 


Goes everywhere

The design of the Keybox keeps it versatile - unlock the shackle and secure the keybox on door handles or railings, or mount it on walls with the 4 screwholes at the back. No installation woes.

The keybox is suitable for residential homes, service apartments, hostels, car-sharing, and more. 



Fits the essentials

The interior of the Keybox is spacious enough to hold up to 6 physical keys or 7 keycards. This means that you can include the essentials for your guest in it - a SIM card, a transport card and more.

Your guests will thank you for it.

Read more about the Keybox in this blog post

Solves all my problems of checking in my guests.

Kage, Airbnb Host Singapore


Modes of opening PIN code & bluetooth
Auto-relock Upon closure
Security Lock-Out Mode Yes
Battery life Up to 1 year
Low battery status LED light changes to red breathing light when battery life is below 20%
Emergency option External 9V battery jump-start
Mechanical keys to unlock loop 2
Available colours for order Black
Dimensions of Keybox 114 (W) x 165 (H) x 38 (T) mm
Weight 1.5kg
Certifications IP54, TUV certified for 100,000 cycles of opens/closes and withstanding compression of 10kN (1000kg)
Keybox Manual Click here 

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Booth number: 
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