How does the remote PIN code work without the internet?

The technology behind it is similar to an online banking security token. We use the same technology in our igloohome smart locks - you may wish to find out more in this blog post.

How many PIN codes can I set?

You can have as many as 5 active PIN codes at the same time. With the next release of our app (software update), this number will be increased to 100

You can set up to 290 PIN codes in total (including active and expired ones) before you need to reset the Keybox so that you can start creating new PIN codes again.

Is there warranty for the product?

Yes, there is one year’s warranty for the Keybox, which covers electronic and mechanical defects. It starts from the Keybox invoice date. 

What material is the Keybox made of?

The Keybox body is made of zinc alloy, and is reinforced with steel to prevent breaking in. The Keybox loop is made of steel, with a silicon rubber casing.


How many batteries are required for the Keybox and how long will they last?

It requires 4 AAA batteries, and lasts up to 12 months. When the battery life is below 20%, the LED light on the touchscreen changes to red breathing light instead of the usual steady blue light.

How secure is your app? Can it be hacked?

Advanced AES encryption and server side architecture are used for our software to ensure the highest level of security.


What security features does the Keybox have?

Decoy PIN code

The decoy PIN code feature allows you to key in up to 8 decoy digits before your actual PIN code to deter guessing of your PIN code. 

Automatic Re-lock

If Keybox is unlocked but remains un- opened for 60 seconds, it will automatically re-lock.

Security Lock-out Mode

If 16 incorrect digits are keyed into the igloohome Keybox for 5 consecutive times, it will freeze and not accept any more PIN codes for the next 5 minutes. This is to deter unwanted guessing of PIN codes.


Is the Keybox weather resistant?

The Keybox is certified as IP54. It is splash-resistant but not water-proof. We recommend that it is installed in sheltered areas. 


How much will it cost for integration of my Airbnb calendar with my igloohome account?

It will cost USD4.99 per month. You may wish to stop the subscription at any point of time.

Below are the steps to connect to Airbnb:

  1. Login to Airbnb, and click your name
  2. Click the “Your Listings” tab, under the listing which you want to export the ics. and click Calendar and more
  3. Click the “Availability settings”
  4. Scroll down and choose Sync Calendar
  5. Click Export Calendar, you will copy link like so:

Does the app work on all Android and iOS phones?

The app works best with iOS10.2 and Android 6. We do not actively support iOS8 and earlier versions, or Android 4 and earlier versions. Here are our supported phone models:

Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus
Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus
Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus
Apple iPhone 5C
Apple iPhone 5S
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 4S
Samsung S7/S7 Edge
Samsung S6/S6
Samsung Note 5
Samsung Note 3
LG Nexus 5
Huawei Mate 8
OnePlus One
Lenovo K4 Note
Xiaomi Redmi Note
Xiaomi Redmi 2
Sony Z3
Sony Xperia Z5 Dual